In traditional Chinese Medicine, beauty is found in health. The skin should be smooth and glossy, the eyes bright and full of life. When a person has a certain glow or blooming look, they are said to have good qi – their qi is flowing smoothly, healthily. The same principle applies to facial skin – smooth skin is a sign of wellness. The secret to achieving this in Chinese Medicine is in the use of gua sha , or in modern terms-Gua Sha Therapy.

gua sha therapy

Gua Sha is an ancient technique that helps to minimize the appearance of blemishes and smooth fine lines.It uses gentle pressure to massage the skin, promote blood flow and lymph drainage. It takes advantage of the body's natural healing ability by concentrating blood flow to the skin and helps to remove toxins from the pores. After a treatment your skin will look healthier and feel softer.

Learn the Gua Sha technique in this guide, you dont need to go to spa treatment, you can do Gua Sha at home and save a lot of money. No need to search the internet for "Gua Sha therapy near me" to spend so much wronged money. This is the most effective method for treating increased amounts of toxins in your body, and it's better than any spa treatment you can buy. Continued use of the technique helps to detoxify your body, and deliver nutrients to muscles and skin cells faster than normal. You will see results very soon. You honestly won't believe how much better you feel after only a few minutes!

 How to Gua Sha?

The first thing you need to know about Gua Sha treatment is that simply rubbing the skin vigorously with a smooth, rounded object such as a bowl, the back of a spoon or an egg, will not work. Massaging can be used to stimulate the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid in the affected tissue. It also works on any other part of your body that's sore or tense.

how to gua sha

Guasha is used for massage on face and all parts of the body to promote blood circulation and healthy tissue, while also easing muscle aches and pains, improving lymphatic drainage, and relieving stress.

1. Facial Gua Sha

Start with your neck,jawline,chin and around your mouth.Using Gua Sha stone to perform facial massage,  you need to make sure the tool flat area against your skin. Please do not use any sharp or pointed edges  or apply excessive force.  

For Guasha treatment to fully benefit the body, it is important not to cheat by moving too quickly along the body. Instead, take your time for effective treatment -- focus your work on one area for at least five minutes before moving on.

Learn the massage directions on the following picture of gua sha face map. Repeat multiple times for each area with slight pressure. Gently glide under eyes, eyebrows and from your forehead up to your hairline. Using gua sha roller to roll from the inner corner of the eye out with slight touch.

gua sha face map

2. Gua Sha for Neck

The skin on our necks can be very delicate, but it’s also easily hung up on the way through life. These sensitive areas become even more noticeable as we age. Triggered by stress or prolonged sun exposure, they can lead to redness, lines, and discoloration. Gua Sha is one of the most effective ways to treat these unwanted signs of aging.

This basic gua Sha technique focuses on the neck. Gently apply pressure to the areas indicated using your fingertips or a depilatory scraper or spoon—try a nice wooden one you find in the kitchen! Go back and forth over one area at a time until desired results are achieved. Add our Gua Sha Neck Massage set to your skincare routine for smoother, younger looking skin.

gua sha for neck

3.Gua Sha Back 

Can I use a gua sha on my back? Is back scraping good for you?

Gua Sha is more adaptable than you might think, and can be used all over your body. You may find that it is particularly effective on trouble areas like the lower back (although it's also great for your upper back,you can see gua sha back chart). It can even be used to treat painful periods, back pain.

The object of back scraping is to smooth out the bumps and knots that cause pain in your body. It's also an opportunity to clean old or existing scar tissue. It can be used to relieve lower back pain, which is most often caused by skeletal problems like scoliosis (curvature of the spine). keeping your spine healthy, providing tension relief, removing sore spots, and loosening tight muscles to ensure your body can operate properly. 

gua sha for back

Apply pure ginger massage oil to the skin, please begin by placing your thumb on the spine of the back  and your pinky finger on the shoulder blade. With light pressure, glide the same flat back and forth along the spine.

When using a Gua Sha tool, you can combine a light amount of pressure with a repetitive motion to make it easy to move the tool gradually along the surface. This action is designed to create a kneading effect on the skin's surface, closely mimicking the way many people stroke pets to soothe them.