For thousands of years, Selenite has been held high in reverence for its ability to dispel negativity and promote emotional healing, integrity, and stamina. With a focus on balancing yin-yang energies within us all, Selenite is known to rid the body of electromagnetic radiation while also stimulating the third eye chakra and enhancing spiritual awakening. 

Selenite crystal is associated with the moon, psychic powers, emotional balancing, inner visions and insights. It can help access to intuition and enhance communication between the heart chakra and the third eye. Selenite crystals bring clarity to life. This infused selenite bracelet is a gorgeous jewel that allows you to intentionally call on the crystal's vibrational power. 

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The Meaning of Selenite 

Selenite is a crystalline stone full of light and energy. It is said to have a positive effect on the root chakra, and its vibration can help facilitate change. Selenite soothes past emotional hurts, eases anxiety and stress, and transforms negative energy to love and joy. The strong white light energy of selenite draws out anger, fear, jealousy, and resentment of others, as well as self-pity, depression, and guilt. Check here to know What is Selenite .

 Selenite, or Satin Spar, is a crystal stone that works on a higher vibration. It's a stone that opens up a lot of psychic abilities and intuition. It dissolves, shifts and removes energy that no longer serves you. Selenite allows to connect to your guides and guardians. It helps you to remember the lessons you've learned in your past lives and assists in integrating this information into this lifetime. The Selenite meaning can assist you in seeing the bigger picture of your life to help you move forward with the right choices.

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Selenite is named after the moon goddess, Selene. The word Selenite means moon rock. Those who are drawn to selenite are called Selenites. It carries a high spiritual frequency that works on all levels of one's being; physically it generates electromagnetic energy to promote vitality and well-being; mentally it stimulates clarity; emotionally, it acts as a deep soul cleanser, drawing out suppressed emotions and memories. Those seeking truth will benefit by carrying or wearing selenite; it can dissolve problems caused by repressed or unexpressed emotions. Psychically selenite protection is extraordinary and an excellent

The Properties Of Selenite

The physical properties of Selenite make it a powerful stone for both metaphysical and physical healing. It is said to be able to help with stress relief, cleansing the Aura, cleansing the chakras, communication with spirit guides, communication with Angels, aligning the bodies subtle bodies, helping with depression and clearing grief.

The Metaphysical Properties Of Selenite

Selenite is a mineral form of Gypsum ((CaSO4), more specifically, Calcium Selenite. It is frequently transparent with an ice-like transparency, but it can be found in opaque varieties. Because selenite has an excellent crystal structure, when it is polished it becomes an optically clear gemstone that ranges from colorless to pale yellow depending on the thickness of the layer. 

Selenite is a crystalline mineral that forms transparent, white, fan-like structures. These crystals show a wide variation in size, being millimeter-size at their smallest to meter-size crystals known to exist. The transparency of the crystals is due to the parallel spacing of the crystal lattice planes, which makes Selenite one of the clearest minerals found in nature.

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Physical Healing Properties

Selenite is wonderful crystalline, star-shaped formation of gypsum. Selenite is one of the premier stones for physical healing. Selenite is extremely powerful in its action to heal diseases, mental confusion and other imbalances.

Selenite has many healing properties. It is an excellent stone to enhance your energy field, and to activate the flow of positive energy throughout your body. Selenite is often used for meditation or calming by placing it next to you while you relax and take time for yourself. Selenite is a cleanser of negative energies and unblocks stagnant energy. Carry selenite in your pocket during times when you would like to feel uplifted and hopeful, or when you need a quick healing.

The Powers Of Selenite

The power is in your hands as you control the energy experience as it flows through the Selenite. Selenite, known as Satin Spar, is an incredible crystal that has been prized for thousands of years. This clear crystal gently holds and enhances all forms of energy and is a particularly powerful stone for manifesting and enhancing the flow and movement of all forms of universal power and light.

Mental And Emotional Healing Powers

Selenite has been used for thousands of years in religious ceremonies and meditation practices. Forgive and release the negative patterns and traumas in your life with this powerful healing crystal. Also known as Satine, Selenite is a white stone that emits an articulated energy with high vibrations. It is said that when working with this crystal, energies become balanced and the mind becomes clear.

Selenite is one of the best crystals to use for mental clarity of the mind. It is also used for enhancing memory, meditation, clearing away negativity or problems that are facing you in any area of your life, clearing away negativity from the environment of your home or office and protection from evil and any other type of bad energy. Selenite calms chaotic energy and clears blockages, whether emotional or physical. Selenite's calming energy opens you to inner peace, allowing you to see situations calmly, with a rational mind. Holding a selenite point in each hand will activate the body's subtle energy points. 


Selenite is a soft, sparkling crystal that has been known for its healing energies since ancient times. Its gentle energy can help you release and let go of all the thoughts and feelings that stand in the way of healthy self love and self esteem. Place Selenite near an area where you feel stuck or blocked, such as your heart or solar plexus chakra, to help release limiting beliefs and emotions so you can finally move forward in your life.

How to use selenite crystal

Selenite is a calming and cleansing stone, chock full of metaphysical properties, and we've designed this kit to help you set your intention and make the most out of your crystal. Use selenite in one of three ways: in its raw form, placed in warm water near you, or holding it up to the light to create an illuminated prism. Also check out our audio meditation for unboxing rituals .Use selenite in your crystal healing meditation sessions for clearing and balancing your chakra energies. Selenite also strengthens the connection between the third eye and crown chakra. In addition to cleansing and clearing selenite, it is said to transform depression, violence, anger, hatred, fear, sorrow and confusion into love.

Selenite is an excellent crystal to clear and clean the chakras. Selenite cleanses, opens and activates the Crown Chakra, allowing for a free flow of divine Cosmic energy. The Crown in turn, sends this energy down to the third eye and through the other chakras, until it reaches Mother Earth and balances and heals Her energies. Selenite has been referred to as a Stone of Protection from negative entities. Hang selenite in your bedroom at night to help you get a peaceful, restful sleep without nightmares or hauntings. Selenite purportedly helps clean up radiation from computers.